Mongo TV
  • Mongo TV launches March 2013!
  • Darren Dowler, lead singer of Paul Revere & the Raiders, joins the Mongo team!
  • Mongo is recruiting talent for our local based shows. Please e-mail: if you are interested.
  Welcome to Mongo TV

Mongo TV provides an alternative choice in television programs not highlighted by Network and Cable TV to viewers who want to experience the positive aspect of television and TV Journalism.


Mongo goes to the PBR



Interview with Tom Osborne

Interview with Tom Osborne


Mongo TV Goes to PBR! We got up close and personal with the bulls and bull riders at the PBR Saturday, Feb 23 and Sunday, Feb 24. For a closer look, click here.


In the Spotlight: An interview with Nebraska College Football Coach Tom Osborne. Click here.


Sponsors Wanted! We're looking for local-based businesses who are interested in becoming Sponsors. With your financial contribution, we will film your business or establishment, edit it, feature you on our website, as well as give you a copy to use for your own promotional purposes. For more information, call (816) 305-1154 or click here.